4 Steps to Build Your Social Media Content Calendar (Psst…Bonus Free Apps Recommendations Inside!)

Social media content is a complex collection of content and often requires a comprehensive schedule so that coordination in each project can still be arranged neatly. Therefore, a content calendar to schedule each social media content becomes important to facilitate the arrangement as well as monitor the development of social media that is in progress.

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However, we may experience difficulties when compiling a comprehensive social media content calendar. For those of you who are currently confused about finding the right steps to compile the right social media content calendar, you can find the answer through these steps to create an astounding and effective social media content calendar with Girls Kode. Let’s check the steps!

  1. Audit for Social Media Platforms

The audit in this case serves to identify projects or content that will be run on social media platforms. The audit process also helps maximize the content you want to highlight more dominantly to boost promotions, campaigns, and awareness of your build’s social media. The social media account audit process can be supported by taking into aspects such as:

  • The type of content that is successful on every social media channel that has been used
  • Identify the time when the audience is actively accessing social media
  • The popularity of evergreen content or seasonal content
  • Steps to improve social media performance
  • Define key metrics to identify future social media success

You can also access free templates from to structure audits for your social media platforms.

2. Decide on Aspects You Want to Further Review in the Social Media Content Calendar

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Determining the aspects you want to pay more attention to for your social media is important because it can review success more specifically and comprehensively. You can determine in terms of the target audience you want to achieve, the number of campaigns, user-generated content, or other aspects.

3. Set the Workflow

After determining the important aspects that you want to review, the next step is to determine the workflow of the social media content calendar weekly, monthly, and yearly. Some of the steps that can be taken when setting a workflow include:

  • Great time to post content
  • A regular schedule for posting content
  • Brainstorming process
  • The ongoing inter-team coordination process

4. Invite your Team to Collaborate and Start Scheduling!

An equally important aspect of the social media content calendar is inviting collaboration between every element involved in your social media project. Be sure to invite the work team and ask for a review of each assigned job or project. After all of the parties actively provide feedback and reviews, you can start scheduling each content.

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Ensure to diligently track every content created in the calendar and strengthen it with social media strategies, one of the examples is to use the

Creating a social media content calendar manually is actually not difficult, but if you are looking for an easier step in preparing a social media content calendar, you can try the following application recommendations:

Trello features a customizable calendar of social media content with a selection of collaborative-friendly features. You can use the card feature to attach it to a board or list, making it easy to track every social media content plan in a comprehensive and organized manner.

Evernote, known as a handy note-taker, offers a choice of calendar features that can be arranged daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

The social media calendar from SproutSocial provides a handy option for users who want to schedule content across multiple social media platforms at once. SproutSocial is also able to provide data analysis and audience progress that can be accessed practically and efficiently.

Those all were some steps to create social media content and recommendations for practical applications or tools that can simplify the process of creating your social media content calendar. Hope it can be helpful and good luck!


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