5 (Must Have) Productivity Tools for Developer

In a pandemic situation nowadays, tools to support productivity are very important to help us stay on track while working. Likewise with developers, as positions that have an important role when running digital projects or building software, tools that can help productivity during work can help developers stay focused and ensure every task has been carried out as optimally as possible.

For those developers out there who are struggling to map out their work more neatly and efficiently, worry not! Girls Kode has summarized 5 recommendations for productivity tools that can be used to help work more easily and efficiently:


source: Clockify

Working remotely does provide its own advantages and challenges. One of the challenges faced is the duration of time spent working on a project. For those of you developers who are currently working remotely, Clockify can be a useful tool for providing trackers and timesheets that help you or your team record the time of work done. You can more easily track the time allocation given when doing work as a benchmark for the productivity of the time spent during the day.

IntelliJ IDEA

source: Top Best Alternative

IntelliJ IDEA is arguably a must-have tool for developers. This application provides intelligent coding solution features with a choice of languages and frameworks, followed by relevant advice on suggestions for solving coding problems, smart code completion, productivity boosters, etc. Developers can also access in-depth insights about coding because it is equipped with in-depth doing support, fast navigation, smart error analysis, and cross-language refactoring features.


source: Croszdesk

Having tools that provide complete and comprehensive features about project management is certainly very helpful for tracking every job in detail. Planio offers project management space that can be used based on needs. Starting from creating tasks and workflows, communicating with colleagues, collecting help references, hosting your source code and files, to monitoring the work of a team in real-time.


source: APKPure

This app that helps productivity while coding offers features for real-time collaboration with teammates. Using Codeanywhere allows users to connect with coding work done anywhere and anytime to editing files that are entered directly through an available server. The choice of features provided in this application is also diverse; such as intelligent editing features, call stacks, and add breakpoint via the integrated debugger.

Cold Turkey

source: Apps4Win

This application is perfect for helping developers work more focused without fear of being distracted by other websites or applications. Cold Turkey has a feature to block websites or applications that can be adjusted according to the user’s choice in the hope that it can help users focus more while working. So, no more excuses for not focusing on work because you are busy opening social media websites!

Sublime Text

source: 10StoreApp

Sublime Text makes it easy for developers to navigate lines of code, files, and select different projects at once. With a simple UI design, developers can more easily access, organize, and edit multiple project files efficiently.

Are there any tools from above you’ve tried before? Which one is your favorite? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment!

Written by Melisa Nirmala Dewi

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