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Girls Kode is a community that intended to be a home for connecting, collaborating, and creating an impact through digital and technology. It’s been rolling out for three months. We produce our stories in different voices so that everyone is accessible to be a part of us. We came in to empower women. Be it programmer, business development, marketing, or in a creative world. We evolve around them to support and help in solving global problems. Because together, we make it better.

The groundwork: Finding identity and discovering the Kode

“I spent a few years studying technology at university. However, what was taught in class is extremely different…

The COVID-19 pandemic that has lasted for more than a year has changed many things. Starting from the way each individual maintains hygiene, interacts with each other, reacts to or cope with something, and how to work. Not a few people who end up having to work from home for a long time. From these changes, various kinds of difficulties emerged.

Based on research from the World Economic Forum and Ipsos (2020), many people globally have difficulty in forming habitual adjustments when working in the midst of a pandemic. 56% of respondents said that they are increasingly anxious about security…

source: businessinsider.com

Since a few years ago, Instagram has stopped showing posts on the feed section in chronological order. As the algorithm tries to give users the best experience while using the app, they offer the contents they think users love the most on top of the feeds, which might bury other contents. It means the more accounts a user is following, the more challenging it gets for an account to show up on the top of their feeds.

For brands or content creators who rely on their organic interactions, it’s essential to try thinking the way Instagram algorithm does: “what kind…

Finally, the wait is over!

Congratulations for the 10 selected Girls Kode Ambassadors! Welcome on board!

These 10 incredible women were from various backgrounds and institutions. There are university students from East Java, Yogyakarta, Jabodetabek area, Sumatera, and a beauty advisor as well.

They will be working to connect with wider audiences, in order to create awareness regarding digital, technology, and women empowerment issues and bringing Girls Kode vision and missions. …

Hidden Figures movie was premiered in 2016. This 2 hours 7-minute film will take us to the struggles of three great women who work at NASA as mathematicians and technicians. It should be noted that the field of work in mathematics and engineering at that time was still dominated by men and minimal female intervention in it.

The film Hidden Figures presents how three women named:

  • Katherine Johnson (Taraji P Henson)
  • Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer)
  • Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae)

that faced discrimination in the workplace because of their skin color and gender, which often hinders their potential and abilities they…

Did you know? Compared to the other platforms, 61% of TikTok users feel ads on Tiktok are unique. As a business owner or someone who currently starts stepping into the digital marketing world, have you started to consider TikTok as one of your potential marketing channels? Need a list of data-driven facts to consider this globally happening app? No worries! Here are four things about Tiktok to help you decide whether to use this app to boost your marketing in 2021!

Photo by Olivier Bergeron on Unsplash

1. TikTok Growing Like a Lot!

Let’s start this part with big numbers; based on DataReportal (April 2021), TikTok has 732 million active users in…

The Miss Universe competition was held on Sunday at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, after being postponed for more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The competition was co-hosted by Mario Lopez and former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, who won the crown in 2012 and featured a special performance by Luis Fonsi. The pageant had 74 beauty queens from many countries and territories, however, only 21 contestants qualified to the final round. After competing in the swimsuit category, 10 moved on to compete in the evening gown competition. …

source: ShillingtonEducation

When you’re accessing a website, you’d find words wherever you go. It’s on the headlines, up with the header and menu bar to help you navigate the sites, also in each content, you are viewing. Not only on websites, but you can also find typography in Instagram carousels or banners on social media. As words and writings are placed everywhere, it’s safe to say that typography holds a role that’s as important as the content written in the media. It includes all aspects of typeface from fonts, size, to the color used in the website. …

Have you heard about Project Manager? This role is responsible for the success (and failure) of the company’s projects! Sounds exciting yet challenging, doesn’t it?

On one of Girls Kode’s Instagram Live Sessions, we had an insightful talk with Savira Larasati, who works as a Project Manager at Fabelio, about life as a Project Manager; the role of getting things done in a company. This article will tell you some interesting perspectives from our Instagram Live Session. Enjoy!

GirlsKode: Tell us about your role as a project manager at Fabelio

Savira: At Fabelio, a project manager is working from home…

Recently, the name cryptocurrency has become a hot topic of conversation on social media and is predicted to become one of the promised expected in the future. Hmm, what does this name actually mean, and how does it work? You can get some basic information about cryptocurrency through the following discussion.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency under cryptographic control, making it impossible for the currency to be counterfeited or carry out duplicate transactions illegally. As a currency, we can buy goods and services available on the online platform through an online ledger called cryptography to store the transaction process.

source: Pexels


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