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Girls Kode is a community that intended to be a home for connecting, collaborating, and creating an impact through digital and technology. It’s been rolling out for three months. We produce our stories in different voices so that everyone is accessible to be a part of us. We came in to empower women. Be it programmer, business development, marketing, or in a creative world. We evolve around them to support and help in solving global problems. Because together, we make it better.

The groundwork: Finding identity and discovering the Kode

“I spent a few years studying technology at university. However, what was taught in class is extremely different…

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Calling out all women who interest about Technology & Digital!!

We’re excited to announce that Girls Kode ambassador program is finally open for recruitment!

Are you one of those people who want to contribute actively by becoming the next “Woman in tech”? Start your journey by joining the Girls Kode ambassador!

What is Girls Kode ambassador?

Resperentatif profile yang akan menjembatani Girls Kode dengan masyarakat luas dengan meningkatkan community awareness di bidang digital, technology, dan women empowerement.

Wow, cool! So, how become Girls Kode ambassador?

  1. Women
  2. Umur 15–24 tahun
  3. Terbuka untuk semua program studi
  4. Mahasiswa aktif, diutamakan tidak sedang masa akhir kuliah
  5. Berani tampil, berani bicara, memiliki jiwa…

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Picture by Unsplash.com

Apakah kamu salah satu orang yang bekerja diantara pekerjaan yang di dominasi oleh laki-laki? Bagaimana kamu menghadapi dan beradaptasi dalam pekerjaan tersebut?

For those of you who are curious and want to know,

Don’t worry! let’s get some insight from here!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs

Setiap wanita pasti memiliki passion dalam diri mereka, memiliki minat yang ingin di…

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Picture by Unsplash

Software engineer adalah profesi seseorang yang berperan dalam menerapkan perangkat lunak seperti pembuatan, pengembangan, dan pembangunan sebuah software. Program yang dikembangkan antara lain seperti games, aplikasi maupun operating system.

software engineering (SE) menjadi salah satu profesi favorit bagi lulusan IT karena jenjang karirnya yang bagus dan gaji nya yang menggiurkan! Dibalik itu, apa saja sih tantangan menjadi seorang software engineering?

Harus mau bekerja lembur, sepadan dengan gaji yang diberikan, menjadi seorang SE harus siap untuk kerja setelah pulang bekerja, riset menyebutkan sekitar 44 persen profesi ini bekerja pada malam hari, deadline projek dengan batasan waktu seringkali membuat SE harus bekerja…

Are you a new college student or someone who is looking for a boarding house? Hard to find it? You should try Mamikos! Mamikos? What is it? Mamikos is a boarding house finder application no. 1 in Indonesia that provides a searching service for boarding rooms that is easy and fast, has accurate boarding data too. Talk to data, a few times ago we had a chance to talk with Marisha, Data Scientist at Mamikos. …

We start this month by having fun through Instagram Takeovers. We let in our volunteers to take over Girls Kode Instagram account for the whole days and share valuable insights from each division.

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Social Media Takeover Schedule

We acknowledge hosting Instagram takeover lets us to:

  1. Gives our volunteer confidence to share what they have been learn and experienced with on the past 3 months doing project with Girls Kode
  2. Give our followers an access to ask on Q&A session. At least we have twelve division that varied from marketing to creative. They can immediately ask to the related team with determined topic
  3. Being honest…

Welcome to What’s Up DigiKode Episode #7! A series of experts who shared real interesting stories, insightful experiences and fresh knowledge.

We had the opportunities to talk with Samina Shararani, Social Media Manager at Lamudi to talk about growing audiences into followers in social media. Let’s begin!

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Girls Kode: What do you do as Social Media Manager?

Samina: Right now, I lead and manage few person who act as Social Media Specialist. They’re the one who responsible to create engaging and variety of content. My focus was more on creating a strategy that is relevant and aligning audiences with information they’re looking for in a timely manner.

Girls Kode: When this is all started and how is it?

Samina: Believe it…

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Girlskode instagram

Are you passionate about writing? Have you ever thought if your writing will inspired other people? Now this is your time to publish your writing!

We’re officially launch #KodeForEveryone. It allows you to write on our Medium today.

What benefit I could get?

Your writing can get into first rank on Google, Medium has already Google Optimization, you own the chance to appear on the first page of Google! Make sure you write useful articles in Medium.

Popularity, your writing had the opportunity to be seen by publishers or media. Because Medium is platform for anyone. It has no limitation who can win the readers…

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Tertarik untuk menjadi UX Designer? Ketahui prototype yang biasa digunakan oleh para designer ini!

Apa itu prototype tools? Prototype tools membantu para designer untuk mengembangkan dan merancang produk digital mencapai tahap final, dengan menggunakan prototype tools kamu akan mengetahui bagaimana produk bekerja.

Kelebihan dari prototype tools ini adalah biayanya yang lebih rendah, selain itu sistem yang dikerjakan akan lebih cepat daripada metode sederhana, sehingga tidak memakan biaya banyak jika produk kita belum sempurna, ketika menggunakan prototype kamu bisa mengetahui kekurangan dan kekuatan yang harus diperbaiki atau dikembangkan.

Lalu, apa saja prototype tools yang menjadi favorit para UX Designer?

Adobe XD…

Began the journey as IT graduate in Medan, Pesta Ria now is accountable as Big Data PM at one of the biggest fin-tech in Indonesia.

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Shortly after her graduation, she was responsible for insurance company as Business Analyst and Application Developer. It was perfectly line up with her background as IT graduate. However, she knew there’s more opportunity if she focused in the industry. So, she decided to push herself and taking bachelor’s degree in private university in Jakarta. Yes, she worked and study at the same time.

The growth mindset and hard work paid off to her second job…

Girls Kode

A place to empowering and connecting women through digital and technology #girlskode

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