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Girls Kode is a community that intended to be a home for connecting, collaborating, and creating an impact through digital and technology. It’s been rolling out for three months. We produce our stories in different voices so that everyone is accessible to be a part of us. We came in to empower women. Be it programmer, business development, marketing, or in a creative world. We evolve around them to support and help in solving global problems. Because together, we make it better.

The groundwork: Finding identity and discovering the Kode

“I spent a few years studying technology at university. However, what was taught in class is extremely different…

During this pandemic and work from home culture, Google have been catch up and figure ways out to strategize on how to keep everyone is having work-life balance, both mentally and physically.

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Burn out is a condition where we fueled up by exhaustion and occurs by symptoms like stress or frustrated. A lot of thing can triggers the burn out. In the office, it may vary from tight deadlines, stressful jobs, lack of support and resources, unconducive environment and many more.

So how does the biggest tech company cure their employees burnout? …

Digi-kode! Pernah kepikiran nggak kalau pengen bekerja tapi nggak mau kerja kantoran? Terus kalau nggak gitu gimana mau dapet penghasilan? Jualan online? No! bukan hanya jualan online aja, kalau kamu merasa tidak berbakat jadi seorang entrepeneur, kamu bisa asah skill mu dengan beberapa pekerjaan yang bisa dilakukan secara online a.k.a nggak perlu ribet ke kantor!

Ada sebagian orang yang merasa tidak cocok untuk bekerja kantoran, mereka memilih untuk bekerja secara freelance atau tidak terikat waktu dan kontrak yang mungkin membuat mereka tidak nyaman. Berkembangnya teknologi membuat pekerjaan online ini semakin banyak digemari, namun sebenarnya tidak mudah kedengarannya, kamu harus memiliki…

Ingin menjadi seorang UX Writer dengan 0 Pengalaman, kok bisa?

Well, tentu bisa dong! Kamu merupakan seorang fresh graduate yang ingin mengambil jalur tentang per-copy an? Menjadi seorang UX Writer merupakan pilihan yang tepat bagi kamu jika ingin memiliki jenjang karir yang bagus, karena zaman sekarang profesi ini banyak dicari oleh perusahaan rintisan.

What should you do?

Jika kamu adalah seorang fresh graduate yang belum memiliki pengalaman dalam hal penulisan di web, aplikasi seluler atau perangkat lunak, cobalah membuat case studies!

Artinya, kamu bisa memilih suatu aplikasi yang nantinya akan kamu perbaiki kata dan kalimatnya, kamu bisa screenshoot, lalu gunakan…

Landing page are intended to make a conversion. Be it register number, social media followers, product buying or newsletter request. Therefore, it’s critical for business or organization to own a landing page that captures high intention to visitors. That’s why you have to know how to keep them engage. Give the information they look for, explain how its work, and slowly asked them to take a part and giving a try to your product or services.

Hack #1 — Highlight your value proposition

Instead of using stacks of images. Try to highlight what you offered and how it helped visitors…

Did you know the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2016 has failed miserably?

While it launched on August, in the early September, they have taken it all back and stop distributing the product.

This failure has impacted the reputation losses and unbearable financial for Samsung.

Here’s the role of Quality Assurance should take a part. Their job is to prevents defects and ensuring the quality of the products or the process can run smoothly. They’re the company keeper.

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

By definition, quality assurance is the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.

Similarly like…

Imagine you’re good at everything but you can not explain each field technical expertise accurately. You know much about the stuff but you also stuck with what tools or requirements you need to be aligned for.

Photo by Ian Schneider

How does Generalist and Specialist differ?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a specialist is ‘one who specialises in a particular occupation, practice, or field of study’; while a generalist is ‘one whose skills, interests, or habits are varied or unspecialised.’

Which group is better than the other? This questions and answer have been debated over and over. We need to justified the answer based on the pro cons


Pro #1…

“What worked last year may not be enough to creep ahead in 2021”

Neil Patel

Content marketing continues to evolve to keep up with the trends, technology, and consumer demands. In order to reach their audiences effectively, content marketers must adapt to meet these changing trends.

Even though many current content marketing trends are a continuation or evolution of existing ones, some trends are new. Here, Girls Kode already curated the digital marketing trends in 2021. Let’s dive into it and make your ROI higher!

  1. Building Communities

Your business needs to find a way of getting noticed because there…

2021 welcoming a new viral app called Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is an audio chat app where speakers could invite another user to listen to the room. This app was created by Silicon Valley professionals Paul Davison and Rohan Sets. Andreesen Horowitz, a venture capital, poured $12 million into it.

Currently, Clubhouse is available for iPhone users only.

This app launched back in 2020 but became viral because Elon Musk has a conversation with Vladimir Tenev from Robinhood Markets. Clubhouses users can listen to the conversation just like listening to the live podcast, but with exclusivity.

These audio chat rooms will…

Journey as System Analyst at alodokter

Had a background as a graduate from computer science and business analyst, brought Febrianita Indah Perwitasari as known as Febri to switched her career as system analyst. “As business analyst and take a change as system analyst wasn’t difficult journey because both of them have roles and have the same job desc.”

As system analyst, she has responsibility to know deeper about the process — she received the requirements from the product team, knowing and doing the analysis of existing, making a technical analysis which will be consulted with the developer team before they…

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