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Girls Kode is a community that intended to be a home for connecting, collaborating, and creating an impact through digital and technology. It’s been rolling out for three months. We produce our stories in different voices so that everyone is accessible to be a part of us. We came in to empower women. Be it programmer, business development, marketing, or in a creative world. We evolve around them to support and help in solving global problems. Because together, we make it better.

The groundwork: Finding identity and discovering the Kode

“I spent a few years studying technology at university. However, what was taught in class is extremely different…

How does a leader give a firm direction but still allow creativity and individuality?

Some powerful leader share their important message to Authority Magazine. Here are 5 of them:

· Cara Brennan Allamano (SVP, Udemy)

Cara Brennan Allamano
Cara Brennan Allamano
Cara Brennan Allamano

It is essential to connecting back to our “why” to get us through those days when we find ourselves daydreaming about a permanent vacation.

“When we lose touch with our “why”, our work loses meaning and can drag us down. So, when the motivations hits the bottom, let’s get to basics and remember why we do what we do. And, who benefits from it.”

Reflect on what motivates and drives you…

There are many amazing women who are impacting their working industry with their talents.

Ready to be inspired?

Let’s dive in right away!

· Ann Handley

She founded ClickZ and become the pioneer in digital marketing information. She also founded MarketingProfs with more than 600.000 subscribers. Marketing Profs is a popular marketing firm.

Ann Handley
Ann Handley
Ann Handley

Not only that, she also named as one of the seven people who shape modern marketing by IBM. Forbes also named her as a top thought leader by Forbes. She has over 14 years of digital marketing experience with expertise about new strategies for growing business digitally.

Ever read “Everybody…

Days by days, technology changes the way we work. It also plays a growing role in the fashion industry. In this decade, we can see the evolution and women conquering the field.

Girls Kode have 5 wonderful woman in fashion technology that make their own world. Who are they? Let’s check it out!

1. Amanda Latifi, Hafta Have

Amanda Latifi, a Co-founder and CEO of Hafta Have.
Amanda Latifi, a Co-founder and CEO of Hafta Have.
Amanda Latifi, a Co-founder and CEO of Hafta Have.

Hafta Have is a technology that came from a personal in-store shopping pain point. This platform was developed to help customer track what they want and bring people back to shop.

User can take a photo of a bar code with this app. Then, the app will…

Picture by Pexels

Almost a month ago, we celebrated International Women’s Day — on March 8th, which was kind of the celebrations that were carried out every year. On April 21st, we just celebrated Kartini’s day as a symbol of modern women's empowerment in Indonesia.

Those big days were the right day to evaluated, empowered, and motivated women to actualize their presence as human beings and also as women. But in this article, Girls Kode doesn’t throw the history of the celebration on. Contrarily, Girls Kode will be sharing about the women in STEM — to realize one of the things that women…

Picture by Authority Partners

Almost all aspects of human life can’t be separated from technology. In this era of digitalization, technology is important, including in the health sector. Technology in this sector is to support health services and it can be accessed by a broad range of people.

Now, it is all around us, of course, we might as well be able to access it because it’s all in our grasp — by moving a finger over a smartphone.

Based on the klikdokter.com article, in Indonesia, technology in the digital health sector began to develop in the 90s with the introduction of the term…

Picture by Indonesia Tatler

Audio-based social media, Clubhouse, which once enjoyed the peak of its popularity is now rumored to be spreading its wings — which owners of Android devices can also access. As it is known that this application can only be used by iOS users.

That’s because Clubhouse recently hired an Android software developer named Mopewa Ogundipe. The joining of the technician who will work on the Clubhouse application on Android was confirmed by the android developer, Mopewa Ogundipe via his Twitter account @mopewa_o.

Clubhouse’s development of the Android app comes after securing a new round of funding from venture capital firm…

Are you interested in doing remote workers? Working from home seems like fun, you don’t have to prepare yourself to go to the office or anything like that. But you must know! getting a remote job is also necessary to have skills that allow you to continue to concentrate on your work. So what skills do you need?

Time management

Picture by unsplash.com

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of commitment to excellence, intelligent, planning, and focused effort.” — Paul J Meyer

Managing time efficiently in order to stay efficient is an ability that seems simple but is often…

During this pandemic and work from home culture, Google have been catch up and figure ways out to strategize on how to keep everyone is having work-life balance, both mentally and physically.

Photo by Tony Tran on Unsplash

Burn out is a condition where we fueled up by exhaustion and occurs by symptoms like stress or frustrated. A lot of thing can triggers the burn out. In the office, it may vary from tight deadlines, stressful jobs, lack of support and resources, unconducive environment and many more.

So how does the biggest tech company cure their employees burnout? …

Digi-kode! Pernah kepikiran nggak kalau pengen bekerja tapi nggak mau kerja kantoran? Terus kalau nggak gitu gimana mau dapet penghasilan? Jualan online? No! bukan hanya jualan online aja, kalau kamu merasa tidak berbakat jadi seorang entrepeneur, kamu bisa asah skill mu dengan beberapa pekerjaan yang bisa dilakukan secara online a.k.a nggak perlu ribet ke kantor!

Ada sebagian orang yang merasa tidak cocok untuk bekerja kantoran, mereka memilih untuk bekerja secara freelance atau tidak terikat waktu dan kontrak yang mungkin membuat mereka tidak nyaman. Berkembangnya teknologi membuat pekerjaan online ini semakin banyak digemari, namun sebenarnya tidak mudah kedengarannya, kamu harus memiliki…

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