Can’t Decide What University Major that Suits You Very Well? This Way Might Help You!


It must have been nice having made it through high school well. Finally, the three-year period of learning various kinds of subjects that are sometimes not our interest, is finally over. However, of course, there are mixed feelings that arise after that. Whether you’re just graduated from high school or taking a gap year, you are probably wondering, “what am I going to do next?” and you probably think the next thing you can do is to pursue higher education in university. With plenty of choices of majors and universities, the process of choosing majors or/and universities can be very overwhelming and probably stressful. Therefore you need to be careful and think hard before you make your final decision. Because based on research from the Indonesia Career Center Network in 2017, 87% of Indonesian students felt that they’ve chosen the wrong major. As a result, many university students can’t be optimal to complete their education.

But, don’t worry, there are steps that you can take to choose the right university and major!

Pay attention to your interests and abilities

After 12 or more years of education (formal and informal ones), you probably can sense what you like, what you’re passionate about, what kind of field that you want to pursue, and what you’re good at. If you wish to pursue a STEM field or social and humanities studies. Understanding your ability can help you to make a better plan to choose the right major/university. You can do that by using the “SWOT Analysis” tool to figure out your strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat.


Understand your purpose

University life can be tough and not enjoyable, so you need to understand your purpose of attending university. Are you planning to attend university to prepare you for certain career or advanced study paths? Or are you aiming to earn a high salary by attending a certain major/university? Or do you simply love the subject matter? Whatever your purpose is, you need to make sure you have a STRONG purpose, so you can complete your education very well.

Search the requirements and other relevant information

Every major and university has its requirements to be fulfilled. So, in order to be enrolled, you need to gather information about what to prepare such as what kind of documents that you need to prepare, or what kind of test that you need to take. Not only that, you need to search for what you are about to face once you get enrolled. So, you need to look for information about the courses within the major, the syllabus, the credits that you need to take in the future, and many more.

Seek help!

If you still have no idea what to prepare or what is the best major for you or have so many options but hardly decide which one that you’re going to choose, seek help from other people for suggestions. Whether with your parents, your teacher, or other people that you know have attended university. By seeking help for advice, you can get a glimpse of what it’s like and what it takes to be a university student. Perhaps, you can search for people’s reviews for certain universities or certain majors on YouTube or and other social media platforms.

Every Day Power

Those are the things that you can do before choosing what major that suits best for you. You will probably be overwhelmed and confused with so many options and the upcoming opportunities. But, if you think carefully, you can fully understand what you want and where you want to be in the future. However, no matter what the result will be, keep carry on and don’t forget to develop yourself in various ways such as enroll in online or offline courses, volunteering in organizations, and many more. Good luck with your future endeavors!

Written by Ratna Latif


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