Deep Dive To Mentoring Sessions For Second Batch Volunteers!

Nowadays, you can learn anywhere. You can learn from the internet by attending webinars or joining online courses. It’s also possible to learn by looking for specific articles or references which explain the topic you want to discover more about. Another way to learn is by finding yourself a mentor on the said topic. It would allow you to understand the topic better and discover more about the real-life situation according to your mentor’s experience.

In GirlsKode, the volunteers can participate in several mentoring sessions to enhance their skills and knowledge. The general mentoring session focused on soft skills was attended by all the volunteers. The first session dived deeper about the public speaker and doing presentation. Meanwhile, the second mentoring session highlighted the importance of teamwork and how you could build inclusive collaboration in your environment. Both public speaking and teamwork are two of the top skills needed in building a professional career.

On top of the soft skills needed in general, the volunteers also got the chance to have division mentoring sessions with an expert in their specific divisions. The session would allow them to get a deeper view of the skillsets required, job description of their division in the professional scope, and how they could thrive if they chose it as their future career choice. Here is the list of mentors for the division mentoring session for the second batch volunteers:

  • People Development: Rifky Adhyasa (Culture and Engagement Manager at Tiket.Com)
  • Business Development: Salsa Erwina (VP of Business Development at Revo U)
  • Community Development: Terra Esa (Community Development)
  • UI Designer: Haura Syahadani (UI/UX at Flick Lead)
  • UX Designer: Wisnu Ari Mukti (UX Designer at Woobiz)
  • Front End Developer: Derry Sukrie (Front End Developer at Woobiz)
  • Back End Developer: Mellyza Rismawan (Back End Developer at Kitabisa.Com)
  • Social Media: Kezia Brindabella (Social Media Specialist at Glints)
  • Live Moderator: Nabilah (Public Relation)
  • Podcast: Aria Notharia (Podcaster at Podcast Sudut Pandang)
  • Tiktok: Aditya Maulana Yahya (Tiktok Content Creator, Social Media Specialist Intern at & Tiktok Talent Intern at
  • Copywriter: Ryan Achadiat (Content Manager at Desty App)
  • Graphic Designer: Niken Pratiwi Dwi Ritami (Graphic Designer at Shopee)
  • Public Relation: Samantha Luhukay (Public Relations Specialist
  • Marketing: Fenny Febrian (Product Marketing Strategist and Founder of Lagi Kreatif)
  • Program Strategist: Nuke Paramitha (Graduate Program Manager at Danone)
  • Project Management Officers: Ikhsandana Siregar (Head of PMO at OVO)

Upon receiving the mentoring session with Kezia Brindabella, Azzahira Salma, one of the second batch volunteers in the social media division, expressed her excitement. “I think the mentoring session helps the social media team to gain a deeper understanding of how to insert the trending topics to our content. The session with Kak Kezia was enjoyable and insightful!”

We hope that by learning from the experienced professional through the mentoring sessions, our second batch volunteers could be more equipped to thrive in their desired field. If you were given a chance to pick your mentor, what do you want to learn, and who would it be?

Written by Jasmine Raihana




A place to empowering and connecting women through digital and technology #girlskode

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Girls Kode

Girls Kode

A place to empowering and connecting women through digital and technology #girlskode

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