Four Typography Trends to Catch the Attention of Your Audiences

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When you’re accessing a website, you’d find words wherever you go. It’s on the headlines, up with the header and menu bar to help you navigate the sites, also in each content, you are viewing. Not only on websites, but you can also find typography in Instagram carousels or banners on social media. As words and writings are placed everywhere, it’s safe to say that typography holds a role that’s as important as the content written in the media. It includes all aspects of typeface from fonts, size, to the color used in the website. Poorly chosen typography could result in messages not getting conveyed properly.

It’s also important to think about the artistic aspect as typography could also be used to voice out a brand’s message and act like the brand’s identity. Each style and typeface have its characteristic, making it one excellent media to communicate the value of the brand. However, please keep yourself from getting too excited and overdoing the artistic part by incorporating too many trends, as it could make your website or publications look messy and uninteresting for the readers.

Here are several trends you can try to implement in your website and social media posts:

  1. Big and Bold

When you are designing a social media post or website, you want the headlines to be the most stand-out part to catch audiences’ attention. Big and bold typography allows your headline to be the highlight of your website and banners, while also giving the reader clear messages that are easy to read. This kind of style is said to be one of the biggest trends in web typography for 2021.

2. Layering Text and Images


In many cases, pictures could easily overpower fonts used. However, it’s not impossible to incorporate both pictures and fonts to create an eye-catching design. Pictures could be used as the background with a lower opacity, to keep the focus on the typography and increasing the readability. Combining these two elements could give another dimension to the design and helping to convey clearer messages to the audience.

3. Outlined Fonts


As it looks slightly thinner than regular fonts, it is important to pay extra attention to the colors and placements of the text. Outlined fonts are best combined with a simple background with a contrasting color. Incorporating outlined fonts with the regular one could give dramatic contrast that makes the headline even more standing out.

4. Clean and Elegant Serifs


Serifs are one of the most classic fonts out there. In 2021, the font seems to get its popularity back as it provides clean yet elegant vibes. Each character in serifs font sets has unique strokes or elements which add to the decorative aspects of the typography. The use of serifs gives beauty in simplicity, as it gives room for designers to explore and tweak it a little while ensuring the readability of the text.

5. Highlighted Text


Typography is not just about fonts and typefaces. Colors could play role in adding dimension or dramatic effect to your design. It’s a good way to make the words stand out, gaining your audience’s attention from the get-go. Using colors to highlight certain words of your headline creates some sort of hierarchy in your design, helping the audience to grasp the critical and important message you’re trying to relay.

While it’s fun to combine recent trends to the design, it’s more important to make sure the messages are successfully conveyed to the audience. To avoid the design looking overly crowded and confusing, it’s often recommended to only use two types of fonts and style for your typography. As for colors, using two contrasting palettes while avoiding overly bright ones like red and green for the typography might be the secret recipe for most cases.

Written by Jasmine Raihana.


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A place to empowering and connecting women through digital and technology #girlskode

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