If You Are New in Tech Industry, You Should Know These Terms!


While you were reading an article or any kind of content on social media platforms regarding the tech industry, you probably have seen these words. Not only that, people in the tech industry might talk about these terms a lot, but you are still a bit clueless about it. It is normal to be confused and clueless when you’re new, especially if you have zero relevant experience in the tech industry. Worry not, there are ways to help you to get to know more about the tech industry, one of which is by knowing some of the terms in the tech industry.

Terms in Machine Learning

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Machine learning

Machine learning is computer programming that uses a set of training data or experience to reach certain criteria or performance. Basically, machine learning focuses on the use of algorithms and data to imitate the way humans learn and eventually improving its accuracy. Machine learning is also part of artificial intelligence (AI) that involves a set of disciplines such as statistics, mathematics, computer science, and neurology. Basically, machine learning has few categories, such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and semi-supervised learning.

Supervised learning

Supervised learning or known as supervised machine learning is a practice that utilizes labeled datasets to train algorithms to be able to classify or predict things accurately. In general, supervised learning is studying the mapping function between input and output. This can be analogous to students learning something by studying a set of questions and the corresponding answer. After being able to map the questions and its answer, students can provide answers to new questions with the same topic.

Unsupervised learning

Unsupervised learning or known as unsupervised machine learning is a practice that utilizes unlabeled datasets to train algorithms to identify hidden patterns or create cluster data into groups with similar identifications. This means that the data can be identified based on the differences or the similarities for exploratory purposes. For example, unsupervised machine learning can cluster various books into groups based on the content within the book.

Semi-supervised learning

Semi-supervised learning or known as semi-supervised machine learning is a practice that utilizes the combination of supervised and unsupervised learning. This can be used when there is a combination of labeled and unlabeled datasets.

Neural network

The neural network is an algorithm model from machine learning that is inspired by how human brains work. It contains simple connected units or neurons that are followed by nonlinearities.

Terms in Growth Hacking


Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a business strategy to simply focus on growing a company, with low-cost marketing steps to reach many and retain customers. These strategies are usually employed by startup companies to reach traction in the marketplace. To maximize the growth hacking, companies usually use digital marketing which is low-cost but very effective. In conclusion, growth hacking heavily utilizes digital tools and strategies to reach desired results faster.

Black Hat

Black hat growth hacking is part of digital SEO techniques that can cause serious problems such as, come with penalties and affect the ranking and presence of the company on the search engines. That is because it violates the existing search engines rules and regulations. Examples of black hat SEO techniques are spam commenting, duplicate content, invisible text, and keyword stuffing.

White Hat

White hat growth hacking is also part of digital SEO techniques which is more acceptable and allowed by search engines. This method won’t cause serious problems for existing companies in search engines. There are examples of white hat SEO techniques such as keyword research, site navigation ease, link building, unique and relevant content, and image optimization.

Grey Hat

The grey hat is a combination of white hat and black hat techniques. They are still allowed to use but can be a problem if you are not careful.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method that involves experimenting with two or more variants of online marketing assets such as websites, emails, and many more with one varying element. Using this method can determine which one can bring the highest or lowest conversion rate or other metrics.

Geofencing Growth Hacking

This is a growth hack that was invented in 2015. This allows marketers to have a digital marketing opportunity by determining a specific geographical area. With the existing digital devices such as tablets, laptops, or mobile phones, marketers can create personalized content for the users.


The backlink is an important element in SEO, it is a link from one to another website. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing use it as an indicator to give rank for websites. So, when a website links to another, they believe the content is noteworthy. This can help to increase visibility and rank in search engines.

Terms in HTML



HTML or usually known as HyperText Markup Language is a language to create all websites. So, it gives content to a web page and instructions to the web browser on how to give structure to the content. HTML has its element with this following syntax: opening tag + content + closing tag. HTML has so many tags, the syntax of it starts with an opening angle bracket “<”, followed by the element name, and closing bracket “<”. This is “<head>”, one of the examples of HTML tags. While the syntax of the closing tag starts with an opening angle bracket “<”, followed by a slash “/”, the element name, and closing angle bracket “>”.

HTML Element <html>

This element is the root of an HTML document. This <html> element should be added after the “!DOCTYPE”. And then, all the content or structure of an HTML document should be added between the opening and closing.

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Head Element <head>

This element consists of general information regarding an HTML page that is not displayed on the page itself. The information itself is called metadata that includes things such as the title of the HTML document.

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Anchor Element <a>

This element has the function to create hyperlinks within an HTML document. The hyperlinks can direct to other locations on the same page, files on the same server, other webpages, or any other URL through the hyperlink reference attribute, “href”. That attribute determines the location where the anchor elements point to.

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Those are some of the terms in the tech industry that you should know. Hope this can help you to get your head around the tech industry!

Written by Ratna Latif


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