Meet Lyndsey Scott, A Victorian Secret Angels and A Coding Genius

Talking about the model profession, most of us often think that we only have competence around public speaking which is supported by physical beauty. But, don’t be mistaken! Many models have other competencies besides just walking on the catwalk wearing beautiful costumes. This is shown by Lyndsey Scott, an Angles or Victoria’s Secret model who also doubles as a programmer. Woah, being a model and an expert in the field of computers at the same time? Isn’t it amazing?

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Lyndsey Scott is an African-American woman born in 1984. Scott has undergone a lot of experience in the modeling field, from being an official model at Calvin Klein, Prada, and is still active as an Angels in Victoria’s Secret. Interestingly, at the age of 9, Scott had studied martial arts and earned a black belt in Taekwondo martial arts. In addition, Scott is also active in developing software programs at well-known companies such as Apple and actively campaigns for women’s empowerment in technology and science. Scott wants to show the world that women can also play an active role in technology and science regardless of the stereotypes that are believed by the public.

While in college, Scott majored in Computer Science, which gave her software development and programming expertise. Before being as successful as now, Scott’s career journey has gone through many challenges that she experienced during the early days of her career. After graduating from college, Scott was interested in pursuing a career in modeling. She also began to attend several modeling auditions in New York. Scott continued to experience rejection from the auditions that she participated in until finally, her parents suggested Scott take a computer science career.

Although in the end Scott managed to get a job in programming, she still didn’t give up on pursuing a modeling career and started to look at other opportunities, one of which was by posting her photos and profile on a special page for model search, Scott’s profile also managed to attract the attention of an agency in New York named Click Model Management, which eventually became the gateway to her career in modeling. Scott tries to divide her time between his career as a model and a programmer. Until finally Scott is known as a model who has a secret identity as a coder.

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In the programming field, Scott has been interested in this field since she was 12 years old. At that time, Scott wrote a game on her TI-89 model calculator and shared it with her classmates to play together. While in college, Scott studied programming languages such as Java and C++. Scott’s interest in programming has also encouraged her to be able to educate others about coding and programming, especially education aimed at young women. Her experience in programming also varies, from writing several iOS programming tutorials on the website, making video teaching programming with Disney Frozen characters, and becoming a mentor at Girls Who Code — an organization devoted to teaching women about coding and programming.

Thanks to her inspiring work in programming and modeling, Scott has been included in Elle’s ‘’Inspire 100'’ list in 2014 and AskMen’s ‘’Top 99 Outstanding Women 2015'’. The figure of Lyndsey Scott shows how a woman can still show her full potential without having to be afraid of stereotypes that get in the way. Despite being a minority in her home country, Scott persists in fighting for her dream of becoming a professional model and struggling to deal with negative stereotypes about women working in STEM fields. So, don’t be afraid to chase your dream and stay true to your dreams because one day, only you, who can make those dreams come true.

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