This Is How Glossier Runs Its (Engaging) Digital Community

When you run your brand or you are the one who’s responsible for the branding strategy, you know branding is not merely about selling your offer. Instead, it’s about how you give your audiences a reason to choose your brand.

Glossier is one example of a successful beauty brand that shares a somehow unique and authentic relationship with its customers. What is one of its secrets?

Henry Davis, the CFO of Glossier, stated that its big community is one of the factors that makes the brand successful! With the internet as its main platform to connect the community, Glossier understands how to run its digital community.

If you are not familiar with the term, well we could say that the digital community is an organization of people who share similar interests or values through digital platforms.

Glossier first emerged from its blog called Into The Gloss. It connects people who share the same interests in beauty products and provides a place where people could share each others’ current tips, stories, reviews, and more about beauty. Providing a place may seem simple, but how could Glossier grow its digital community?

As a brand which strives in the beauty industry, Glossier through Into The Gloss values its relationship with its community more than its products.

“Into The Gloss isn’t about product. It never really was.” — Henry Davis, CFO of Glossier.

Davis further explained that Into The Gloss aims to inspire and activate people to talk about beauty. Emily Weiss, CEO of Glossier, also stated that there were no beauty brands that intended to talk with women and bring beauty as a part of an overall personal lifestyle. Thus, Glossier conducts an approachable way to connect with its market.

Into The Gloss provides its community with contents that drive authentic engagement; high quality beauty product reviews, beauty how-to’s, and behind the scenes inspiring individual’s beauty routine. The brand also brings up the topic that has made women reluctant to talk about; the insecurity of women, such as aging and acne.

From this perspective, we could conclude that a brand should not merely focus on its product, but to be more about its authentic relationship with its community by talking about what people care about.

Emily explained how big beauty brands are irrelevant to women’s needs today. Glossier has challenged the paradigm of big beauty brands that put audiences in a passive position and emphasized the set standard by the brand; only brands provide what was beautiful and drive women to achieve that image.

“When I started Into The Gloss, I wanted to make beauty as much of an element of personal style as fashion. As I interviewed hundreds of women, I became more and more aware of how flawed the traditional beauty paradigm is. It has historically been an industry based on experts telling you, the customer, what you should or shouldn’t be using on your face.” — Emily Weiss, CEO of Glossier.

Glossier comes in with a more democratic paradigm by encouraging customer-to-customer conversation in social media. The brand realizes that today, everyone could gain information from everywhere (reviews, how to’s, and more), not only by what the brands say.

Glossier comes in with a more democratic paradigm by encouraging customer-to-customer conversation in social media. The brand realizes that today, everyone could gain information from everywhere (reviews, how to’s, and more), not only by what the brands say.


Hence, understanding your current market and sensing what is actually happening may help your brand grow a relatable community as Glossier’s.

From its first day, Glossier uses its daily conversation from its community as the main fuel for its research and development. Instead of innovating the best product, Glossier invests in innovating products that its community needs.

To do so, the brand simply throws a question in the platform, then gathers insights from its replies. But, what also might be neglected by other brands is the way Glossier talks to its community. Instead of looking like faceless cooperation, Glossier talks with a personal tone of voice which makes the community feel like talking to a real, friendly person.

This action reflects how Glossier understands that its community is its stakeholder.

“What does it mean to be a Glossier customer? You’re a stakeholder in all this. We’re listening to you. The brand, the products, everything we do reflects your input. We create this type of brand-customer interaction that’s much more ‘brand as peer’ versus ‘brand as authority.’ Think of what luxury brands do. They build this amazing temple and then chisel off a tiny bit of marble and give it to consumers and expect them to feel good about it because they get to own a small piece of something amazing. We’re building a temple and inviting consumers to come inside and be an integral part of it.” -Emily Weiss, CEO of Glossier.

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Looking at how Glossier treats its community, it shows that you, too, should start to think how to take something from the community then give something back to them.

So those are some small yet profound points on how Glossier runs its digital community. Of course, we know that those points are not able to explain everything about Glossier and its digital community strategy.

But if you’re curious to know more, let us know!

Written by Laksita Laras


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