What It Takes to Be A UX Designer with Wisnu Ari Mukti from Woobiz

UX profession is one of professions that quite trending, considering that employment in this field is also experiencing rapid growth. On this occasion, Girls Kode had the opportunity to learn more about UX Designer with Wisnu Ari Mukti, a UX Designer at Woobiz.

As the name implies, UX Designer is a profession that designs the overall user experience when using the product or service used. The experience referred to in this case doesn't only include the user experience when using an application or using a product, but also from the time of starting to use, when using, and finished using. ‘’For example, when a user waits for a leverage code via OTP sent by an application, the user experience while waiting and entering the received OTP code is also a consideration for a UX Designer when designing,’’ explained Wisnu.

Those activities are carried out in detail and specifications to provide comfort for users as a whole and ensure users are satisfied with the product and enjoy while using the service. In addition to discussing the tasks of a UX Designer, Wisnu also shared about the daily life of being a UX Designer. Activities that are carried out every day are usually tracking statistics using the Google Analytics application to see the performance of projects that are running and add more knowledge through reading sources on the internet.

The issue of UX Designer in a company turns out to be very crucial. ’’ A UX Designer does not only create a product or service design that focuses on users (user-centric), but also must be able to bridge the three relevant stakeholders, namely business, technology, and users,” said Wisnu. These three stakeholders are very important to then be able to provide a comprehensive output design and be able to answer the needs of both business and market demands. If one of these components is not balanced, the resulting output is usually less than optimal and it is even difficult to conduct further research.

The experience of being a UX Designer cannot be separated from the challenges that Wisnu faces at work. Some of the challenges faced by UX Designers can vary, ranging from the compilation of objects from three stakeholders (business, technology, and users) into a single unit, complex product usability testing when done online, to time-consuming research processes when developing product designs.

However, Wisnu admits that he really enjoys every challenge and work as a UX Designer. In addition to sharing information about UX Designer, Wisnu also shared some cool information about Woobiz, the platform where Wisnu works which is a social commerce for people to learn to be more financially independent by developing a business. ‘’Woobiz was created to be a social commerce platform that can empower individuals, especially to become financially independent through business.

Woobiz provides a variety of features that make it easy for users to start their business comprehensively, from determining what products are suitable for sale to choosing a delivery service,’’ explained Winsnu. Wow, such a very helpful platform during this pandemic situation! Hopefully, you guys can be inspired to become a UX Designer and try Woobiz after hearing this story from Wisnu.

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Written by Melisa Nirmala Dewi

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